About Us

My love for pigs began as a fourteen year old when my cousin, Dave, brought me two little runts from one of his many sows.  I bottle fed Samson and Delilah every two hours and took them everywhere I went that summer. 
Being raised on a ranch in Montana, I knew from the beginning that I would have to part from them someday.  "Pigs grow too big to keep," my dad said. 
I raised and loved seven more little pigs over the next four years, knowing that eventually I would have to sell them, too.
The fond memories of those pigs have always been with me (Blossom was my favorite).  Pigs are kindred spirits.  They look you in the eye.  They are smart.  They are hilarious.  They are personable.  They are always hungry.  They are ….  They are ….  They are….
I was fortunate to have shared this love for pigs with my children, Russ and Jamie.  They will always remember Skeezicks, the pig we loved in 1984.  But that's another story . . .
Forty-two years after I raised Samson and Delilah, I was reading the classifieds in the Missoulian.  It read, "miniature Juliana pigs for sale."  I called the number immediately.  I didn't buy a mini piglet that day.  I bought their dad and two moms.  Thank the Lord, my husband loves pigs too.
Our goal here at Mini Pigs Montana, is to share these wonderful creatures with others.  Ron and I will do our best to provide honest and factual information, so potential buyers can decide whether a mini pig is right for their family.